"Most of you know what it means
to see a hundred corpses
lying together,
five hundred, or a thousand.

To have stuck it out
and at the same time
apart from exceptions
caused by human weakness
to have remained
decent fellows,
that is what has
made us hard.

This is a page of glory
in our history
which has never been written
and shall never be written."

History's first metrosexual
History's worst criminal?
Master of multitasking
Morbidly busy inventing

A hortonomical enthusiast
Talented transport coordinator
Diabolically skillful organizer
Of rationalized modern extermination methods

Pedantic demeanour and exquisite courtesy
Hide from view the absolute lunacy
Bureaucratic discipline and charismatic authority
Conscienceless efficiency and romantic fantasy

Beneath the surface
Philosophical mysticism
Obsession with mesmerism,
The occult, herbal remedies and homeopathy

Growing condiments
In unnatural habitats
Concurrently arranging
Logistics of genocide

A revived web of obsolete
Religious and cosmological dogmas
Linking recruits to their
Distant Germanic ancestors


from Opening the Silos, released November 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Apocalypse Warhead Finland

Apocalypse Warhead is the project of one man, Tuukka Laitinen, the former guitarist of the Finnish hardcore/metal legends Rytmihäiriö. Apocalypse Warhead was founded in 2001.

Laitinen is the singer, guitarist and bassist of the band as well as the one doing the drum programming, not to mention doing all the music and lyrics.
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