Opening the Silos

by Apocalypse Warhead

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Opening the Silos is the debut album of Apocalypse Warhead. Laitinen is the singer, guitarist and bassist of the band as well as the one doing the drum programming as well as doing all the music and lyrics, except Pan Ziege (Null Dynamo) provided lyrics for three songs of the debut album (all lyrics for songs 1,2 and 9).

Nate Gould (The Rotted) does NOT play in this band, and never did on any recorded material, including this album. There were plans to do this at some point, but it never happened, so the rumors on the internet regarding Nate playing on Opening the Silos are incorrect.

Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist / Radiance / Codeon) did the mixing and mastering on Opening The Silos. He also created the intros/outros and provided some additional drum programming. This co-operation will continue in the future releases of Apocalypse Warhead. There are also plans to recruit some professional lead guitar players to handle the solos.

This album is dedicated to Jeff Hannemann.


released November 18, 2011

Tuukka Laitinen : all music and lyrics except lyrics for songs 1,2,9 by Pan Ziege (Null Dynamo), vocals, guitars, bass, drum machine programming

Pan Ziege : Lyrics for songs Opening the Silos (Cold Cunts Full of Fire), Extermination of Human Life, Warhead Apocalypse

Sami Raatikainen : mixing, mastering, intros/outros, additional drum machine programming

Toni Salminen : Photography



all rights reserved


Apocalypse Warhead Finland

Apocalypse Warhead is the project of one man, Tuukka Laitinen, the former guitarist of the Finnish hardcore/metal legends Rytmihäiriö. Apocalypse Warhead was founded in 2001.

Laitinen is the singer, guitarist and bassist of the band as well as the one doing the drum programming, not to mention doing all the music and lyrics.
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Track Name: Opening the Silos (Cold Cunts Full of Fire)
Summoning forth
A thousand nails for the lid of our coffin

Turgid worms in the earth slumbering
Launch codes compromised
Opening the silos
Cold cunts full of fire
The silos
Cold cunts full of fire

Hoofbeats and hot winds
The atomic lance of a nuclear deathknight
Piercing the world

Blackening the surface
In Fermi's Fimbulwinter
Beneath arcs of ash

Destiny mutually assured
By an opening salvo
Courtesy of Dr. Oppenheimer

Particle crash
One final blood feast
Time of death planet Earth
Track Name: Extermination of Human Life
Why do you die so easily?
Snuffed out in a million ways
Suffocation -
Exsanguination -
Dehydration -
and a million other variations
No matter what the means
The end remains the same


Disgustingly fragile
So inferior
Impotence negates your will to resist
Grim before the overkill
Butcher all who still persist
Cowering like rats in the ruins!
Extermination of human life!
Your civilization ended
When you started running for your lives

Your inability to prevent this
Justifies our judgement

Depleting your societies
One vote at a time
Numbered citizens remain
Numbers in the body count
They erased you as humans
We exterminate you as life

Dismantling your culture
Rotting in the streets
Your final tradition

[Exist and expire, Prematurely
Consumed in the fires of history
A new memory
Born in your blood-stained wake

Pest control
Infestation exponential
The plague stops here
You'll never leave this rock again
Doom deemed it wise to intervene
Death presumed to wipe you clean]


Like a stormgiant's mallet
The hammer comes down
The guilt must ultimately rest with God
He is just a painter cleansing his palatte

A new world in monochrome

Borne on the waves
Of the blood-dimmed tide
That lifts all boats
On the river Styx
Don't forget to tip the Ferryman
On your way to Hell.
Track Name: Hostile Technological Singularities
When even God doesn't know what happens next
Beyond the event horizon
They plan for our destruction,
Demise, extinction, extermination

Hostile technological singularities
In vain you search for similarities
[From the past you cannot find them
The gods are yet to exist]

Existential threat reversing everything
There now is a law of accelerating returns
Obsolete human race through
Recursive self improvement
Track Name: White Death
An Arctic war
Like a never-ending
Showing of an
Underexposed film

The unearthly silence
Hides a deadly secret
Listen to the stillness
In the great forest

Vast, dense, undeciduous forests
Tomb of your unrest, eternal

Snow camouflage discipline
Of the men of brooding quality
White ghosts from nowhere
Hail you with bullets

Like lambs to the slaughter
Advancing on roads
We cut your formations
To little pieces

In this most brutal winter
The Northland has ever known
Division by division
Belaya Smert consumes you
Track Name: Experimental Warfare
Research, development, and experimental
Deployment of epidemic creating

Biowarfare weapons
A real choice mission
Invasive surgery
On infected patients
To study the effects
Of disease on the body
With no anesthesia

Inoculations of disease,
Disguised as vaccinations
Human targets tied to a stake
Being used to test grenades

Pray for Death
Which you won't find
Long to die but
Death will flee

Plague-infested fleas,
Bred in laboratories
Thousands of dead
From modern bubonic plague

Vertically cut in half
In a six-foot-high jar
Pickled in formaldehyde
Cannot run, cannot hide
Track Name: From Hell
"Most of you know what it means
to see a hundred corpses
lying together,
five hundred, or a thousand.

To have stuck it out
and at the same time
apart from exceptions
caused by human weakness
to have remained
decent fellows,
that is what has
made us hard.

This is a page of glory
in our history
which has never been written
and shall never be written."

History's first metrosexual
History's worst criminal?
Master of multitasking
Morbidly busy inventing

A hortonomical enthusiast
Talented transport coordinator
Diabolically skillful organizer
Of rationalized modern extermination methods

Pedantic demeanour and exquisite courtesy
Hide from view the absolute lunacy
Bureaucratic discipline and charismatic authority
Conscienceless efficiency and romantic fantasy

Beneath the surface
Philosophical mysticism
Obsession with mesmerism,
The occult, herbal remedies and homeopathy

Growing condiments
In unnatural habitats
Concurrently arranging
Logistics of genocide

A revived web of obsolete
Religious and cosmological dogmas
Linking recruits to their
Distant Germanic ancestors
Track Name: Rk 62
Track Name: A.R.J.E. (Res Oritur!)
To remain ignorant
Is a willful act
Ignorant of the fact
That in our midst

There's a terrifying evil
Gathering forces
Spreading it's doctrines
Like the plague

An ancient threat
That never died
Generation to generation
The chain never broke

Rising from the ashes like Phoenix
You fools! The chain never broke

The master is commodious
With a cunning face
And a cunning camouflage
I am His servant to the grave!
Track Name: Warhead Apocalypse
A flash of light
Then the shockwave
Knocks you flat

Seared by the blast
The Hot Breath of Death
In Your Face

Particles penetrate
Defenseless flesh
On fatal wavelengths
Baptized in the fallout

[Murderous isotopes
Strontium storms
And Cesium showers
Median lethal dose exceeded]

With blistered lips,
Kiss it all goodbye

Warhead Apocalypse!

The scene from orbit
Death blossoms everywhere
Another failed deterrent
No nation spared

[By winds of fire and radioactive ash
The end has come, The end of days
Nuclear weapons want to be used

Power projection
From the silo to our common grave
Mutually Assured Destruction
Don't get even, get mad

Multi-gigaton detonations
Defcon 666]

Warhead Apocalypse!