Extermination of Human Life

from by Apocalypse Warhead



Why do you die so easily?
Snuffed out in a million ways
Suffocation -
Exsanguination -
Dehydration -
and a million other variations
No matter what the means
The end remains the same


Disgustingly fragile
So inferior
Impotence negates your will to resist
Grim before the overkill
Butcher all who still persist
Cowering like rats in the ruins!
Extermination of human life!
Your civilization ended
When you started running for your lives

Your inability to prevent this
Justifies our judgement

Depleting your societies
One vote at a time
Numbered citizens remain
Numbers in the body count
They erased you as humans
We exterminate you as life

Dismantling your culture
Rotting in the streets
Your final tradition

[Exist and expire, Prematurely
Consumed in the fires of history
A new memory
Born in your blood-stained wake

Pest control
Infestation exponential
The plague stops here
You'll never leave this rock again
Doom deemed it wise to intervene
Death presumed to wipe you clean]


Like a stormgiant's mallet
The hammer comes down
The guilt must ultimately rest with God
He is just a painter cleansing his palatte

A new world in monochrome

Borne on the waves
Of the blood-dimmed tide
That lifts all boats
On the river Styx
Don't forget to tip the Ferryman
On your way to Hell.


from Opening the Silos, released November 18, 2011
Lyrics : Pan Ziege Music : Laitinen



all rights reserved


Apocalypse Warhead Finland

Apocalypse Warhead is the project of one man, Tuukka Laitinen, the former guitarist of the Finnish hardcore/metal legends Rytmihäiriö. Apocalypse Warhead was founded in 2001.

Laitinen is the singer, guitarist and bassist of the band as well as the one doing the drum programming, not to mention doing all the music and lyrics.
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